Supporting mamas to feel empowered, radiant, and strong from pregnancy to birth and beyond.

Where Are You On Your Journey As A Mother?

Phase 1

Are you here because you are pregnant and want to have the healthiest and most empowered pregnancy, birth, and motherhood as possible? You may be feeling overwhelmed, stressed and even fearful of what is to come. This is normal, and I want to support have a more easeful journey through motherhood!

Phase 2

Do you already have all the birth preparation and support in place but now you are concerned about your postpartum recovery? Are you feeling nervous or scared about sleep deprivation and all the changes in your body with a new baby? Are you wanting to heal effectively and efficiently?  This again is so normal! This is why my team offers specialized postpartum care to families so you can ENJOY your recovery and feel connected with your family. 

Where-ever you are on your journey, I welcome you to stand in your commitment to your own health and your family health. I would love to support you through this amazing and challenging journey as a mother!


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Special Moments With Families

Childbirth Preparation
2 week visit weight check!
Lunch Date!
6 weeks!
Meetup With Moms!
And And Lily
Postpartum Visits!
Moms Cocktail Party!
6 week visit!
Postpartum Visits!
6 weeks!
Postpartum nourishment
beautiful moment during labor
My placenta assistant
Moments After Birth
Placenta pills
Golden Hour
Winter Birthday Banana Party!
Placenta Print
Meeting Robin Lim
Happy big sister!


"I am fully convinced that Amber was an angel sent from heaven to my birth.  Amber,  showed up at my birth and became a pillar of support during the birth that I hadn't realized I would need.

She is highly intuitive, attuned and respectful, offering only as much inspiration as you need and as much physical support as you ask for. She's super gentle and super strong at the same time (probably due to her yoga practice) and I couldn't imagine a more perfect combination for birth support.


She ended up staying on with me as a postpartum doula for over a month, underpinning my post-natal bonding bliss with all sorts of raw food concoctions and Aruyuvedic treats. She took 'nurturing the nurturer' to a topnotch level! I'd probably never eaten as healthy in my life as I did when Amber was cooking so my little one got off to a terrific start and has continued to thrive.


Thank you Amber for all you have done for us!"

— Eve

Meet Amber 

Founder of Healthy Mamas, Healthy Babies

I love supporting families during one of the most intimate and vulnerable times of their lives. Every mother has a unique path through pregnancy, birth, and beyond and I am deeply inspired and excited to work with families during this sacred window.


My intention working with families is giving them the resources and tools to navigate pregnancy, birth, and the first couple years with as much ease, balance and connection as possible. 

Pregnant Mamas

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