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Amber's Personal Story 

When I was eleven years old, I began begging for a brother or sister. "PLEASE" I would cry to my mom. And it was one of the most exciting moments when my mother told me she was pregnant! I was present for all the prenatal visits and birth. The birth experience shaped my perspective on birth because it was a birth without fear. And it was beautiful, to this day my brother and I are very close. 

When I was 15 I watched a movie called Guerrilla Midwifery, a birth movie that sparked my awareness about birth. Then on, I began studying more about birth and how I could be of service to mothers and families. 

A picture of my mother and I, with a newspaper article showing, The Art Of Being Born. Quite comical.

Proud Big Sister!

Why Work With Us

I have been serving and empowering families through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum since 2012. I have supported hundreds of families all over the world. And guess what? You can do this! You are made to give birth and the body has such a wealth of knowledge! Yet, with our current culture and health care we have made it a lot more complicated then it really is. 

I have a deep understanding and knowledge during this whole arc as families become new parents. Through the many modalities of knowledge I have learned over the years as a life coach, yoga teacher, midwifery, doula and Ayurveda coach I have many tools to support families in preventing if possible complications and creating a network of support for each family and mother. Therefore, supporting mothers and families live in more joy and health rather then feel isolated and fearful of the process. Many of my modalities I coach families through is preventative care which doesn’t just effect this window but years later through menopause. 

Your health through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum is essential to not only yourself but your family so you can care for your little one(s). Ayurveda says that the first 42 days after birth affects your next 42 years! My mission to support families during this process is so you have the most comfortable experience possible and enjoy the process while preventing complications and infections along the way.

Our health care soly focusses on the baby and the birth as the most important thing and that is vital. Yet, we need to put the mothers health equally first because when the mother is healthy, normally, so is the baby. Hence Healthy Mamas, Healthy Babies! 

In my experience there are so many books on birth and classes to take which can get very overwhelming and time consuming. I want to free up your time and support you feeling more confident as a parent. I have created a arc of support so you can get the right preparation through pregnancy, birth, and the first couple years after. With the packages I provide, in our practice we have only seen 1% Caesarian births, 75% natural vaginal births, 60% no vaginal tears and 99% exclusive successful breastfeeding. This is the type of statistics you should be getting everywhere in the world! If we prioritized individual, knowledge based and consistent client care then we would have better outcomes.  If this is what you want then I would love to support you on this amazing journey!

Meet The Team

Maciej Stable

Becoming an Ayurvedic Birth and Postpartum doula was inspired through many years of my own development with Ayurveda. After having my beautiful daughter, Magnolia, I struggled through my postpartum labyrinth, trying to make sense of the immense changes that had happened to not only my body, as well as my life, mind, and soul.

I found a way to reach within my experience and weave in Ayurvedic practices to help many families find confidence, ease, and balance in their postpartum journey.


I’ve been practicing as an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor for 5 years. Combining all of the knowledge that has been shared with me over the years, I am elated to Support your family in the most expansive time of life: pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum! 

Katelyn Davis

My path into doula work and health coaching is a bit unconventional. I didn’t study women’s health or dabble in birthwork as a young professional. But at 17, I watched my sister give birth to her first child and was forever changed. After spending many years in the tech PR scene, I decided to make the jump into full time doula work and health coaching. 

I work as a Health Coach in women's health, which lead me to learning Ayurveda. I work with families with Healthy Mamas, Healthy Babies as a postpartum Ayurvedic doula. I specolize in postpartum cooking and Abhyanga oiling massage for moms after birth to support moms heal and enjoy the first 42 days.            510.847.4571       Serving Families All Over The Bay Area                                                                                                                          & Worldwide Online    

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