Are You Ready!?
After working with many families over the years I have seen women try really hard to get pregnant, or pregnancy just happens without much preparation.
There are many layers of preparation that can be helpful when you are wondering if you are ready to have children or if you are already trying to get pregnant. This mentorship education program I have created is to educate mothers and families on how to prepare the body for a healthy pregnancy but also the emotional and mental preparation of parenthood. I found found that conceiving can cause stress, anxiety, and frustration. With my mentorship program this can be reduced, so you can find more harmony, grace, joy, and confidence as you approach your next steps as a mother!
Are you not sure if you are ready to have children?
Then I will guide you to find clarity on your next steps and find the answer to your question, Are you ready to start a family?
Are you just beginning to try and get pregnant?
I will support you to prepare your body for a healthy and joyful pregnancy, and what aspects of preparation that you might not thought about yet. Bringing comfort and preparation for the journey ahead, welcoming life into your body
Have you been trying to get pregnant and having a hard time?
I will support you towards looking at what is missing in your toolbox to support your body, your mind, and your spirit to be ready for newlife.
Whatever stage you are at, I have created this mentorship during this exciting phase of growing a family in the comfort of your home. We meet via skype or in person if you are in my area. We meet several times to continue your support and education along your journey. Therefore, creating a safe space for you to be during this time.


Are You Ready?! Package
Includes: introduction and six follow up sessions. Save $40!
Answering your questions, assessing where you are now, creating a healthy conception, preparing for body for life. And much more.
180 minute session $200.
Follow up sessions:
Answering your questions, guiding you to your next steps to building your health care, reviewing what you have been doing so far. And much more.
90 minute $140
60 minute $100