Birth Tub Rentals


Many Mothers find much relief during labor to be submerged in water. For mamas who only get to be in the water during labor for only moments, don't regret it. 


This is for Mothers who want to labor at home and then go to the hospital during active labor, or have a homebirth.


The Aqua Doula is a pool with firm, thin walls. It is 4’6″ diameter x 2′ tall. The interior portion of the tub is firm foam. There is a heating element built into the wall of the tub than maintains heat of the water. It coils up for easy transport in any standard sized car.

Fee for Aqua Doula rental: $350.



What's included in the Aqua Doula Rental:

  • AquaDoula tub with heating element

  • Insul-Cover to place on top of water

  • One single-use disposable liner Floating thermometer

  • One standard faucet adapter

  • White hose to empty tub (Previously used and lead-free)

  • Submersible water pump (sump pump) to remove the used water