After working with hundreds of families I have seen many common challenges. These classes support you find more ease, connection, confidence, navigation tools, and education along this journey during parenthood. Therefore, allowing you to make informed dicisions and choices for yourself as a mother, your baby, and as a healthy family. 

Childbirth Preparation: Your Confident Prenatal Journey


Do you feel a lot of pressure to make the right choice and getting feedback and opinions on what you choice? This is a virtual course to get informed and honor your own choices around birth and your personal journey as a mother. You need support every step of the way, especially if this isn’t your first. 

Super Moms Course


Have you just given birth and you're wanting to have a healthy first year and motherhood? This is a place to learn tools and feel supported as you take care of your new baby. Learn to give to your child from a place of wholeness, where you are confident and taken care of as well!