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Do You Want A Calm, Empowered, And Healthy Birth? And A Healthy Recovery? 

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Empowered Mothers Group

This Is For You If You Want


A Vaginal Birth


To Breastfeed


To Prevent Vaginal Tears


Have An Easeful Recovery After Delivery


To Have Informed Choices Throughout Pregnancy, Birth, And Postpartum

How Does It Work?

In our online Empowered Pregnancy Group, you will be lead by Amber a passionate midwife who will teach you how to have a thriving pregnancy with a community of other expecting mothers.

You will get the best tips and evidence-based practices to have a healthy and relaxed birth whether you choose to give birth at a hospital, home birth, or birth center. Additionally, you will learn with your partner how to be as prepared as you can for a healthy postpartum recovery.

We will meet twice a month until you have your baby for a fun, supportive, informative, and community building class. Once you have your baby, you will transfer over the the Empowered Mothers Group, where you will continue to be guided so you can have a thriving family and healthy recovery for the first year after birth. The Empowered Pregnancy Group and Empowered Mothers Group is essential for you to have a healthy pregnancy, birth, and recovery. Additionally, in such a dire time with COVID it is essential to feel supported by a community of other moms, and have a healthy thriving family during the most pivotal time in your life. 

What Have Other Families Said?

"Thanks so much for the support and instruction throughout my pregnancy. I was able to manage labor, and had a smooth delivery with a very short recovery time, and I owe much of that to the strengthening, conditioning and centering I received from your classes. Thank you so much!" -Anna


"I would highly recommend this class because it is so informative, so empowering, and so beautiful. I would explain it as a divine process of connecting to self, the baby, and the journey of motherhood with other new mamas." Erika


"This class helped bring me peace with this pregnancy and everything going on around it. I would explain it as a liberating necessarily class to assist with this new major change in life." Sam


"Its been a helpful, supportive space to connect to other mothers and my own self through yoga, meditation, discussions, check-ins, stories, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum eduction. Expanding on some topics that you may not have thought of or people don't talk about as much, really helpful." Rachel


"When my partner and I interviewed other doulas and Amber, her attention to detail stood out. There are a few things that I think sets Amber apart. It is basically guaranteed that she will be at your birth, given that she takes on very few clients. She provides excellent and thorough childbirth prep sessions, videos, and handouts. This made such a difference in our experience." Kim


"Amber was a tremendous support during my pregnancy. She has a kind and gentle presence and is very knowledgeable about nutrition, birth, body prep for birth, and emotional care postpartum. Her birth class is extremely helpful." Tracy


"I took Amber's childbirth prep class and it was wonderful! She provided so much useful information for how to prepare for birth and stay healthy throughout pregnancy. Definitely recommend her class!" Lindsay

What Topics Will Be Included?

Your Healthy Pregnancy 

Classes will be 2nd & 3rd Thursday 6pm and 4th Wednesday 10 am pst

How to cut away old stories that are told around motherhood and birth, and create your own experience through pregnancy and birth and postpartum with more ease.


How to create your dream birth, postpartum, and recovery.


What resources are the most important and necessary.


Uncover your hidden personal stories and shed what holds you back from having a more easeful birth & being a confident mom.


How to get the best and most needed care during pregnancy and beyond.


Know what your options are during your pregnancy and birth.


How to create a healthy routine to get the best results for pregnancy, birth, and recovery.


What are the essential exercises during pregnancy to create a easier birth and recovery.


How to support yourself get out of or mitigate physical pain.


How to have the best sleep during pregnancy.


What to do when you feel exhausted.

Learn the best nutrition for a healthy pregnancy, newborn, birth, and recovery. 

How to have a thriving family and Postpartum journey.

How to aid and prevent common complaints like: nausea, backspin, and heartburn.


How to have a balanced pregnancy keep your blood pressure optimal. 


What you really need during your baby shower.


Learn how you to tap into your deepest desires and get what you want during pregnancy and through motherhood. 

Learn how to have great and comfortable sex during pregnancy.

How to speak up and get what you want in your relationship, birth, and motherhood.


How to cope and move through different emotions through pregnancy.

Learn how you and your partner can be prepared Postpartum 


Learn how to get baby into optimal position and what to do if your baby is Breech or other positions. 


Learn how to Chestfeeding/ breastfeeding and what to do postpartum to optimize your milk supply. 

Your Relaxed & Empowered Birth

How to get the baby into a good position and make labor easier and shorter.


The essential Birth Bag and postpartum checklist.

Learn the correlation between labor & orgasm and how you can have a more pleasurable birth experience.

How to set your space for the best relaxation during birth.

Learn how to avoid induction. And if induction is necessary, how to still avoid c/s as much as possible.

Top tips in Preventing tears and stretch marks.


Learn what positions help labor and baby get into good position.


Learn and master the top Relaxation tools for birth.


Create your birth team and invite them to join you for our birth support training. 


 Learn how to advocate for yourself during birth.


Your Healthy & Connected Recovery

Classes will be 2nd & 3rd Tuesday 3-4 pm and 4th Wednesday 10 am pst 

 Once you've had your baby, you will move over to our Empowered Mothers Group, which will be all postpartum mothers.


I stand for you feeling balanced as a mom, appreciated and valued for everything that you do! In our Empowered Mothers Group, you will learn everything you need to know to reclaim yourself back after birth and feel supported by other moms along the way. We will meet three times a month for the first year after childbirth. 


Topics Covered Will Be:


  1. Learn the essential nutritional needs as a new mom for optional energy and health. (As a chest/breastfeeding mom or not).

  2. Build a strong and supportive community of other moms going through the ups and downs of motherhood with you!

  3. Learn top breastfeeding tips, so both you and your baby are taken care of.

  4. Reclaim your desires and how to tap into your vitality and sensuality. 

  5. Tops tips for how to keep your sex life and relationship juicy. 

  6. Learn how to stay strong in the first year after baby by learning customized pelvic floor and core exercises.

  7. Learn how to have more energy and feel balanced with all the demands of motherhood. 

  8. Learn how to move through your emotions to more vitality as a mom!

  9. Learn how to feel heard and supported by your community and in your relationship.

FREE Bonus! Recorded Childbirth Preparation

In addition to the live group classes you'll also have access to the recorded childbirth preparation course! This is so whenever you join, you can watch at your own convenience the essential videos for birth preparation. Topics covered are:


 $428 or 3 monthly payments of $152

(YES, that covers your Empowered Pregnancy group, the recorded childbirth preparation, and the year long Empowered Mothers Group!!)

For every mom you refer, save $50! Want a discount? Become an affiliate!


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How to have a vital pregnancy: get optimal sleep, feel good in your changing body and much more!


Envision your dream birth. Create your customized birth plan or birth intentions.


Learn the natural arc of labor so that you can advocate for yourself. Prevent vaginal tears and learn natural ways to ease discomfort and find relaxation.


How to prepare for the birth you want: navigating interventions and complications. 


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