Preparing For A Natural Birth

Childbirth Education 1 Day Intensive

Join Amber Pearson, Childbirth Educator, for a one day intensive on how to prepare for a natural birth. You can't control what will happen the day of birth, but you can prepare and educate yourself on your choices along the way. We will go over the natural courage of labor and scenarios that can happen in different birth settings, and how to navigate different emergency situations while staying connected and making informed decisions. This class will help you navigate your labor and birth with more connection, ease, and confidence towards a natural birth. This class is for couples, so bring your partner or support person.

Topics we will cover:

  • Preparing for labor and birth

    • Reducing the risk to be induced

    • Optimal baby position 

    • Preparing the body for labor


  • The Natural birth curve

    • ​How to prevent exhaustion

    • Labor differences: day and night

    • Onset of labor

    • How waters breaking can affect labor


  • Labor support

    • ​What mother can do to support herself

    • Partner or other birth support can assist to make the birth more graceful

    • Reducing anxiety, exhaustion, and fear

    • Optimal Baby Position and how it can effect labor

    • Different Positions for mother


  • 3 keys to preparing your birth partner for birth.

  • Labor support and comfort measures

    • ​Breathing techniques

    • Not letting fear or anxiety take over

    • How to stay relaxed


  • Pushing and preventing tears

    • ​Different positions to push in

    • How to support the body during pregnancy to prevent tears

    • Techniques during pushing to prevent tears


  • Making informed decisions in emergency situations

    • ​Cascaran birth

    • When to use drugs

    • How to make informed decisions and communicate with care providers. 


  • Birth "plan" 

    • ​What options do you have

    • Why make a birth plan


  • Q&A


How To Join:

Live Virtual Class: from computer or phone.



Febuary 24 10AM-1PM




$150 (includes partner) or $200 with Postpartum Class! (save $100!)


Preparing For A Connected And Healthy Postpartum

 1 Day Intensive

Join Amber Pearson, Childbirth Educator, for a one day intensive on how to prepare after your baby comes! So often families prepare for the birth of their child and then after they give birth they are clueless, exhausted, and worried about the health of their child. This is normal, yet I want you to enjoy these first couple weeks with your baby getting to know each other and bond, rather then worry and stress over things. In this class you will learn newborn care, breastfeeding, how to heal the body after birth, and how your partner or community can support the mother and baby the most in the first couple weeks. 

Topics we will cover:

  • Newborn care

    • Digestion

    • infant massage

    • Baby communication

    • How to sooth your baby


  • Mother Healing

    • ​Balancing the hormones and emotions

    • How to physically heal after birth

    • Preventing postpartum infections like prolapse and mastitis. 

    • Mother digestion


  • How to prepare your partner or community for the postpartum window


  • How your community can support you after birth

    • Foods

    • Errands

    • Baby support

    • How to communicate clearly


  • Breastfeeding

    • ​Positions

    • A good latch

    • protecting your nipples

    • Tongue tie 

    • Low milk supply


  • Q&A


How To Join:

Live Virtual Class: from computer or phone.



Febuary 24 6PM-8PM




$150 (includes partner) or $200 for Childbirth Education class and Postpartum Intensive! (save $100!)            510.847.4571                  Serving Families In The Bay Area                                                                                                                                & Worldwide Online    

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