We look at how we are tied to the land, the first energetic tie is to our mother in the womb through the umbilical cord.

~Patrisia Gonzales

Placenta Print

Amber was simply amazing.  We were in a pinch trying to look for someone who could process my wife's placenta for us, and she came through in the clutch.  She was the consummate true professional who provided exceptional service.  She was prompt about communicating with us, called when she said she would, showed up exactly when she said she would, got the job done exactly as described, and was super in following up with us to make sure we were getting the most of her services.  I would highly recommend Amber!



What can you do with the Placenta?



  • Placenta encapsulation.

  • Placenta print.

  • Plant the placenta under a tree.

  • Tincture.


​Placenta tincture is a constitutional remedy that can be used for the baby throughout her/his life as well. The placenta contains vitamins, minerals, hormones and stem cells so it’s a very good immune remedy. A few uses include cough, stuffy nose, indigestion, teething, high stress events (1st day of school, daycare etc).


It’s also beneficial for mom during transition and stressful times. Placing the tincture into hot water for the baby can also evaporate the alcohol if you do not want to give it at that concentration.

Similar to placenta encapsulation, it also holds remedy for baby and mom in: postpartum hormonal fluctuations, indigestion, insomnia, sleep disorders, ease anxiety, emotional distress, reduce colic and teething, aids trauma, transition, and helps eliminate any diseases (ie. whooping ought, fever seizures, rashes)  



Benefits Of Encapsulation & Tincture 


  • Decrease in baby blues and postpartum depression.

  • Tincture specifically is given for baby throughout life for soothing and grounding.

  • Increase and enrich breastmilk.

  • Increase in energy.

  • Decrease in lochia, postpartum bleeding.

  • Decrease iron deficiency.

  • Decrease insomnia or sleep disorders. 

  • Decreases postpartum "night sweats."



Amber encapsulated my placenta. She made the process very simple, which was obviously needed since baby was taking up all of my mental and physical energy. I appreciated the directions that she left behind with the pills, which helped when I couldn't remember how many to take, or when to take them.

I kind of wish I had worked with her well in advance of my baby's birth to schedule some massage, yoga, meals, or postpartum doula help. I had wanted these things, but didn't have the foresight (and baby was a little early!) to know that I wouldn't have the capacity to arrange for care *after* birth when I really needed it. Take my advice and get some self care with Amber on the calendar now, before baby is born!


Why Use The Placenta?




Placenta has been a sister of the baby, a vital organ of communication and nourishment between mother and baby. More and more we are awakening to  respect  placentas! Yet often, a placenta is chucked in the trash or not even looked at. This is an organ that grew inside a mama and sustained the baby! After birth the hormones in the mother's body drop drastically.


Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM, has been practiced for thousands of years to encapsulate the placenta. This is done by steaming it with lemon, ginger, and pepper, and then deyhdrating it and grinding it up into powder form to encapsulate it. Traditionally, half was taken after birth, and half was saved for menopause.  


Traditions all over the world celebrate and honor this organ. In New Zeland, the practice is to bury the placenta in the land. The word for afterbirth is the same word for land, Whenna.


"For the placenta is alive and is presented or planted in recongnition of its living presence. The placenta is also another way of understanding the tree of life. The ombligo and the tree of life are signs for the center of existance and the center of expierence."

~Patrisia Gonzales

Amber is amazing! My husband and I found her through a trusted friend to do our placenta encapsulation. She is sweet, caring and very professional. I initially reached out to Amber via email and received a prompt response. We had a phone conversation where she explained the benefits of placenta encapsulation and how the process worked. I was very happy with how passionate she is about the process and supporting new moms. I also liked that she would be able to pick up the placenta at our birth center and have the pills ready in just a few days. 

I found taking the pills very helpful in leveling out my emotions/mental state as my hormones dropped in weeks after the birth of my son. There were a couple days where I forgot to take them and boy could I feel the difference. I recommend Amber strongly to anyone interested in placenta encapsulation and although we were not able to utilize her doula services I can tell her energy and presence would be phenomenal during labor and birth. -Erin