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Why is it important to have postpartum support?


A mother I was working with in postpartum said to me,

     "You see, this is why I hate going to the check-ups! I am SO late,

      I am stressed, and now I am worried my baby is going to get sick

     from entering the hospital."


Often, in Western-American culture, there is a lot of focus on the birth,

and then families are abandoned afterward. Many people believe

mothers should, "get their body back,"  "jump back into work,"

and have everything back to "normal." 


After birth, a mother's body has opened in ways both seen and 

unseen and there is need for integration, rest, support, and connection

with baby.  With the right set up, a mother is more able to return

to work with focus, balance her body, and re-align herself with life and


In many traditions all over the world, postpartum support is standard.

It is unthinkable to leave a mother alone after birth in many cultures.  

A Postpartum Doula encourages the sacred transition so a mother can be FULLY present with baby and heal. When a baby is first born, the mother and baby are not separated. 


The health of the mother is a reflection of the baby and vise versa. So, if a mama is fully supported then she is more likely to have a healthy baby, and be more present with the baby's needs.


Postpartum health is not just looking at the baby or mother, but the health of both mother, baby, and whole family coming together. With the support of a doula, partners and other family members can have more time to bond with the new baby instead of stressing about taking care of chores, cooking, etc. 


What Do We offer as a Postpartum Ayurdoula?


A Postpartum Ayurvedic Doula or Ayurdoulas: is someone trained in Ayurveda practices postpartum to help heal the body after birth. Ayurveda is a life science from India, which has been around for thousands of years and offers a wealth of knowledge for families after birth. Specifically, many women have body pain, constipation, gas, sleep loss, hormone fluctuation, digestion problems, and can go to extreme postpartum depression.  This is common, but preventable with the tools through Ayurveda! I support parents with a 6-week regimen after birth to help with balancing the hormones, deep connection with baby, digestion, physical strength, milk supply and more! 













About My Postpartum Services:

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beautiful lily who I was at her birth

What Are The Benefits Of A Postpartum Doula?


This has been found to improve sleep quality (1) and reduce insomnia,

(2) improve the body's adaptation to stress,

(3) reduce anxiety more than other methods of relaxation or meditation studied,

(4) decrease depression,

(5) increase positivity,

(6) improve marital satisfaction and adjustment

(7) and family life.

 ~Read the article here


Decreased need for pain medications, reduction of the use of unnecessary medical interventions & cesareans, Increased positive feelings and integration about one's childbirth experience and enhanced bonding with baby. 

I am extremely grateful that I found Amber for my ayurvedic postpartum care. The abhyanga oil massages and her delicious food were so healing to me and as a first-time mother I really needed all the healing and help to balance out my crazy emotions and pp depression.  I would highly recommend her to all mothers to get postpartum care from Amber.  She is the best! Her calming and grounding presence really played a role in me feeling better and getting back to feeling normal again! I will definitely hire her again if there will be another baby coming :-) -Johanna.

"Amber is so sweet and helpful and it is totally worth it to set up support and have a good postpartum experience!  I experienced postpartum depression after the birth of my first daughter in 2011. I did not feel like I had enough support. With my second birth I was experiencing anxiety during pregnancy, because I was afraid to have PPD again. But I was determined to have a better experience.I felt supported immediately by Amber even before the baby arrived, and I was able to envision a positive experience with less fear and anxiety. Amber is confident, and knowledgeable of women's needs and is happy to help. Because I had Amber's support, the first 6 weeks were so much better than my previous birth. I had opportunities to rest and heal so now my kids and myself are doing well and healthy!" -Gretchen


"I am fully convinced that Amber was an angel sent from heaven to my birth.  Amber,  showed up at my birth and became a pillar of support during the birth that I hadn't realized I would need. She is highly intuitive, attuned and respectful, offering only as much inspiration as you need and as much physical support as you ask for. She's super gentle and super strong at the same time (probably due to her yoga practice) and I couldn't imagine a more perfect combination for birth support. She ended up staying on with me as a postpartum doula for over a month, underpinning my post-natal bonding bliss with all sorts of raw food concoctions and Aruyuvedic treats. She took took 'nurturing the nurturer' to a topnotch level! I'd probably never eaten as healthy in my life as I did when Amber was cooking so my little one got off to a terrific start and has continued to thrive. Thank you Amber for all you have done for us!" -Eve.

Are you wondering if this is for you? I'm offering a free 30 minute consultation to help anwser your questions and see if this is the right fit for you.            510.847.4571       Serving Families All Over The Bay Area                                                                                                                          & Worldwide Online    

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